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Welcome to Park Tawe; home to a selection of big brand stores, excellent restaurants, and entertainment experiences situated the heart of the Swansea City Centre. Some of Wales’ favourite brands can be found here, including Plantasia, Denny’s American Diner, Odeon Cinema, Tenpin bowling, B&M Bargains, Costa Coffee and many more!

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Choose from our selection of retailers and spend the day at Parc Tawe.

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Beat the hunger and dine at any of our wonderful restaurants.

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Entertainment at your fingertips. Visit Odeon Cinemas or Tenpin Bowling.


Parc Tawe is home to a number of popular retailers that are firm favourites in many homes across Wales. With restaurants, a cinema, and children’s activities, visitors can enjoy a family day out at Parc Tawe with the added bonus of two hours free parking.


For a bite to eat, there are a number of options to choose from. Denny’s American Diner is the perfect restaurant for a delicious breakfast, with waffles, pancakes & cooked breakfasts readily available. India India Luxury Indian Buffet Restaurant has a great range of Indian cuisine ideal for family gatherings, date nights and much more. Treatz Dessert Restaurant is another brilliant eatery at Parc Tawe for those with a sweet tooth among us who think dessert is the best part of the meal!


Families can enjoy a day packed full of fun at Parc Tawe, thanks to the family-friendly retailers who are located here. For an impromptu movie night, a stop at the Odeon Cinema promises a real family treat. Boasting 10 impressive screens with VIP seats available on request, it’s never been easier to catch up on all the latest film releases.


Fancy something a little more active? Tenpin bowling is the go-to place, with a number of bowling alleys and arcade machines, which provide hours of fun and entertainment for the whole family. For the more adventurous and inquisitive of us, Plantasia provides the ultimate immersive experience. Explore the rainforest in this tropical adventure and get up close and personal with wildlife whilst you’re there!


Parc Tawe is also home to The Food Warehouse by Iceland, B&M Bargains, Costa Coffee, and many more on the way!

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Customers of certain outlets in Parc Tawe can use our free car park for anywhere between 2 to 12 hours. 


Non-customers of Parc Tawe will have a 2 hour parking limit. The car park is open from 6.00am until 10.00pm with some stores, restaurants and brands staying open later than 10pm. To obtain parking between 2-12 hours, input your car registration on one of the in-store tablets at certain outlets, including: Odeon, Tenpin Bowing, Treatz, Denny's, Ninja Warrior, Flashpoint, Costa and Plantasia.


Parc Tawe, A4067 Quay Parade, Swansea SA1 2AS

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The car park is fully available for customers of Parc Tawe Retail Park to use at their convenience from 6am-10pm for up to two hours (applicable from the time of entry to the time of exit). You may extend your stay for up to 12 hours if you are a customer of certain outlets. To obtain parking between 2-12 hours, ask a member of staff to input your car registration on one of the in-store tablets at certain outlets, including: Odeon, Tenpin Bowing, Treatz, Denny's, India India, Ninja Warrior, Flashpoint, Costa and Plantasia. You will incur a minimum fine of £100 if any of the following instances occur:

  • The vehicle is present in excess of 2 hours.

  • The vehicle is not parked wholly within an outlined, singular, designated bay.

  • The vehicle is present in a designated Blue Badge holder bay without a Blue Badge displayed face up for inspection on the dashboard.

  • The vehicle is present in a designated ‘Parent and Child’ bay without an occupant under the age of 12 years old.

  • The vehicle is parked between 10pm and 6am with the exception of vehicles with a valid entry on our exemption list.


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If you would like to appeal or dispute your parking fine, you have the right to do so via Eternity Parking Management Services. Follow the link below to their website where you can submit an appeal and read a variety of FAQs regarding your decision to contest:


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We are proud to be home to many of Wales’ favourite big brands, including:

  • Plantasia

  • Denny’s American Diner

  • India India Luxury Indian Buffet Restaurant

  • Treatz Dessert Restaurant

  • Odeon Cinema

  • Tenpin Bowling

  • The Food Warehouse by Iceland

  • B&M Bargains

  • Costa Coffee

  • …And many more coming soon!

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